Become an internship supervisor for general medicine universities

Become an internship supervisor for general medicine universities

  • The 2nd cycle internship (6 to 8 weeks full-time or 12 to 16 weeks part-time)

This mandatory internship allows externs to understand the specificities of general medicine; it represents a unique opportunity for all students to discover general medicine before the National Ranking Tests (ECN), after which students choose their specialty.

  •  The so-called “level 1” internship (during the general medicine internship)

This compulsory 6-month internship concerns general medicine interns, generally in the 3rd or 4th semester. It takes place in one or more sites, at the rate of 9 half-days per week. The MSU must be present at the same time as the intern.

  •  The so-called “level 2” internship, or Outpatient Primary Care Internship in Supervised Autonomy (SASPAS)

This 6-month internship is optional. It consists of welcoming an intern, who consults in the absence of the MSU, one or more days a week. A time of discussion must be scheduled on the files of patients seen by the intern.

  • For the reception of externs: the general practitioner must exercise his professional activity as a doctor established for at least 1 year.
  • For the reception of interns: the general practitioner must have been practicing his professional activity for at least 3 years

You must make a request to the medical training and research unit (UFR) of the university closest to your place of practice and located in the same region.

Additional information can be provided by the general medicine department of the medical school.

Prior training may be requested by the Faculty. You will find on the website of the National CPD Agency training programs with compensation for loss of resources.

General practitioners are approved as university internship supervisors by the director of the UFR of medicine for the reception of externs and by the director general of the regional health agency for the reception of interns.

  • For externs, the GP receives teaching fees and fixed compensation for loss of professional resources.
  • For interns, the fixed amount of fees is set at €600 gross per month of internship.

Did you know ? the conventional “COSCOM” contract offers MSUs located in an area characterized by a shortage of health professionals a 50% increase in their teaching fees, i.e. additional remuneration of 300 euros for hosting a full-time intern.

Similarly, as part of the structured package set up in the medical convention to help doctors invest in IT tools to facilitate patient monitoring and links with healthcare professionals (business software, secure messaging) and in procedures in favor of a better organization, occupying a position of internship supervisor is also valued for all private doctors established on the territory: valuation of 210 euros per year for the year 2018 and from 2019 of 350 euros per year.

Finally, if you practice in a multi-professional health center and the latter has subscribed to the interprofessional conventional agreement (ACI), the MSP can receive remuneration of up to 3150 euros per year for hosting at least 2 interns.

For the constitution of the application file, contact the department of general medicine of the faculty closest to your place of practice and located in the same region.

How do you become a tutor in dentistry ?

During the 6th year active internship (for the short cycle). This introductory course in professional life with a dental surgeon is a real opportunity for the student to discover and appreciate the practice of dental surgery in a private practice, in a nursing home or in a health centre…

All you have to do is practice for at least 3 years in a private practice, nursing home or health center.

The request must be made to the faculty of dentistry closest to your place of practice.

Approval is granted by the director of the UFR of odontology after consulting the Departmental Council of the Order of Dental Surgeons.

The tutor signs a teaching contract with the director of the odontology training and research unit. This contract sets the educational objectives, the evaluation criteria and the practical terms of the course. Prior training may be required by the faculty.

For all information, as well as for the constitution of the application file, contact the faculty of odontology closest to your place of practice.

They witness

Receiving a trainee in general medicine is a pleasure: to know a future colleague with his desires, his projects, sometimes his fears. It’s the pleasure of sharing, because I have to teach him as he has to teach me. Our knowledge is different and if I can benefit from his sometimes different knowledge, he or she benefits from my experience, my thinking. My patients are happy to see that I invest myself in my profession, that we reflect together on their problems.

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