Health organization in Dordogne

Editorial of the CPAM and Department of Dordogne

Partners in the care offer,

Access to care and the demographics of healthcare professionals are a major concern in the Dordogne.

Faced with the unequal installation of health professionals in the department and the lengthening of the delays in obtaining an appointment, it is necessary to act to avoid the renunciation of care.

The Departmental Council and the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie, fully committed to support measures for Health Professionals, have joined forces to offer you and communities a dynamic multimedia space bringing together job offers available in the territory . Everyone will be able to draw all the information necessary for their installation in the Dordogne. Internships, replacement, cabinet takeover, it’s all there!

We salute the active participation of the Orders of doctors, physiotherapists, dentists, for their wise advice in the construction of the content of their field of activity, Mr CONANGLE and Mr ROUSSEAU, Director and President of the EHPAD de la Madeleine and Mr Dr. HAMMEL, internship supervisor in general medicine for their kind testimony.

May everyone here be personally thanked!

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M. Germinal PEIRO
Président du Conseil Départemental de la Dordogne

Mme Delphine CAMBLANNE
Directrice de la CPAM de la Dordogne

Dordogne in terms of numbers

427 579 inhabitants
2 703 Health professionals
1,5 Milliard € services paid per year
36 Multidisciplinary Health Centers
13 Health Centers

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New zoning for liberal medicine 2022.

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Departmental plan for access to local care

Access to care and the demographics of healthcare professionals are a major concern in the Dordogne. The territories are today weakened by the insufficiency or even the gradual disappearance of health professionals in certain municipalities of the department. No territory is spared and maintaining equal access to local care is becoming complex to ensure.

This is why the Departmental Council is fully committed to allowing all Périgordins to access quality care in less than 15 minutes, throughout the territory and regardless of their level of income.

This determination to guarantee the efficiency and quality of healthcare provision in the Dordogne resulted in the adoption on 15 January 2018 of the departmental plan for access to local healthcare.

Developed in co-construction with a variety of partners (State, Regional Health Agency, CPAM, Order of Health Professionals, etc.), this plan aims to propose, between supporters of health policy and supporters of territorial policies, the ways and the means of their cooperation, essential to meet the challenges of an ambitious health policy.

The proactive policy of the Department is thus committed to:

  • guarantee equal access to fair, equitable and supportive primary care, less than 10-15 minutes away;
  • develop and diversify the care offer in the regions;
  • promote the establishment and maintenance of health professionals;
  • continue the development and attractiveness of territories.

The departmental plan offers the range of tools to be mobilized to develop a diversified, local and quality care offer. It reflects a strong and concerted action and thus contributes to improving the health of all and access to quality care throughout our territory.

Consult the PDF presentation  of the departemental acces to care plan

Regional Health Project

The 2018-2028 Regional Health Project provides 3 major solutions for our regional health system:

  • Intensification of prevention and health promotion,
  • Development of home care and inclusion as close as possible to living environments (elderly, disabled and vulnerable groups),
  • More personalized and coordinated care with active patient participation.

The Regional Health Project is available in each territory to adapt to the specific needs of the population. In the Dordogne, the health issues around which we are mobilized are the following:

  • Development of a seamless care pathway for the user,
  • Maintain equity in access to care and reduce inequalities,
  • Promote a healthy environment,
  • The attractiveness of the territory for young medical and paramedical professionals.

En savoir plus sur le site web de l’ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Local Partners

CPAM de la Dordogne

Contact :
50 Rue Claude Bernard
24010 Périgueux
Tél. : 36 08
Site :
Twitter : @Cpam24
LinkedIn : CPAM de la Dordogne

Conseil Départemental de la Dordogne

Contact :
2 rue Paul Louis Courier
24019 Périgueux

ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Contact :
Bât. H – Cité Administrative – 18 rue du 26ème RI – CS 50253
24052 Périgueux
Site :
Portail d’Accompagnement des Professionnels de Santé :

Conseil Départemental de la Dordogne de l’Ordre des Médecins

Contact :
Résidence ” Les Cordeliers “, 42 rue des Thermes
24000 Périgueux
Tél. :
Site :

Conseil Départemental de l’Ordre des Chirurgiens-Dentistes de la Dordogne

Contact :
Maison Dentaire Chactas Hulin – Espace Agora – Rue de Sienne
24750, Boulazac Isle Manoire
Tél. : 05 53 08 29 88
Site :

Conseil Départemental de l’Ordre des Masseurs-Kinésithérapeutes de Dordogne

Contact :
60 rue Victor Hugo
24000, Périgueux
Tél : 05 53 08 12 44
Site :

Conseil Départemental de l’Ordre des Infirmiers de la Dordogne

Contact :
21 rue du Commandant Cousteau
33100 Bordeaux
Tél. : 05 40 12 93 79
Site :