Mémomedical assistant job

Definition :

Based on the medical assistants that already exist with dentists and ophthalmologists, the government has decided to extend this profession to the practices of general practitioners or specialists (decree of 20 August 2019) Medical assistants support general practitioners and specialists in their day-to-day work. They carry out simple medical procedures and administrative tasks. This gives the doctor back some of his or her medical time for the benefit of patients.

Framework of professional practice :

The post of medical assistant does not replace other health professions involved in the care of patients, it is a function with its own missions. The medical assistant carries out his activity in medical offices, generalists or specialists.

Area of intervention :

The medical assistant is not a health professional and his proven skills only authorize the performance of examinations with fully automatic devices. The medical assistant can take on three types of mission: – Administrative tasks – The preparation and conduct of the consultation – Organization and coordination missions with making appointments with other health professional

Skills :

– Sense of organization for the management of schedules – Mastery of office software for managing patient records and appointments – Communication skills – Professionalism (medical secrecy, simple medical procedures)

Training :

Any holder of one of the following diplomas and titles can exercise the profession of medical assistant: – The DEI (State Diploma in Nursing) – The DEAS (State Diploma of Nursing Assistant) – The DEAP (State Diploma of Auxiliary Childcare) – The CQP of medical assistant (Professional Qualification Certificate) Additional training in the form of FAE is mandatory for the first 3 diplomas. This function can be performed by current caregivers, nurses, medical secretaries or any other profile wishing to follow this professional path. In all cases, the medical assistant must be trained or undertake to follow specific training conducted on a work-study basis, open to the Validation of acquired skills (VAE) the content of which has been defined by the social partners within the framework of the collective agreement for staff in medical practices.

Demography :

30 in Dordogne

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